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Every product that Urthly stocks has been hand picked on the below principles 

  • Is the product as environmentally friendly as it can be

  • Is the packaging sustainable

  • Does the manufacturer have a green policy and follow ethical practices

  • Are the ingredients cruelty free, natural and sustainable

  • Is the products carbon footprint offset

  • And of course does the product do what we want! 


Urthly offers a range of products from cleaning products, stationary, branded merchandise, business cards, luxury hand wash and lotions, toilet paper, lovely diffusers... the list goes on. We can work around your business needs so please do get in contact with us on charlie@urthly.co.uk if you would like a product list. 

We are proud to supply products such as Cheeky Panda toilet paper that is made out of Bamboo which absorbs 30% more carbon and releases 35% more oxygen than trees, it is also the worlds fastest growing plant, so we're all for this carbon eating, oxygen producing dream to keep on growing!!!!  Cheeky Panda is also 100% carbon balanced, offsetting with the World Land Trust, protecting the Vietnamese rainforest.

Other examples of lovely eco products include the wonderful Bramley hand wash, hand lotion and diffusers which are manufactured in the British Countryside, free from harmful, unethical ingredients. all made in small batches to minimise waste, plus since they're local the carbon footprint from the travel is minimal!  

We also stock Bio D cleaning products, again manufactured in the UK, all products are vegan and cruelty free, and all plastic packaging is 100% recycled, non of the plastic used is virgin! 

We have partnered with Sprout Pencils, Moo Business Cards, First Mile recycling, Ecotricity, Primal Suds and many other fabulously sustainable products and companies. 

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Urthly is owned and operated by Urthly LTD; registered number 11466631

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